Q: How can I re-download or update CINEVEO?
A: Since March 31st of 2017, CINEVEO is exclusively distributed on STEAM. The CINEVEO Download Center is no longer available. If you have purchased CINEVEO outside of STEAM, you can request a free STEAM key from us and add CINEVEO to your STEAM library. To receive a free STEAM key for CINEVEO, please email us using your registered order email address.
Q: Why is there no sound when I use CINEVEO?
A: Check your Windows Sound Settings and set the desired audio output device.
Q: Why does nothing happen when I press any of the keyboard control keys?
A: Click into the CINEVEO window on the desktop one time with the mouse. The CINEVEO window needs to be "active" for keyboard control keys to be responsive.
Q: How do I setup and use CINEVEO?
A: User guides for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Android versions of CINEVEO are available in the Guide section of our website. The user guide explains in detail how to setup, use and control CINEVEO.
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