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Advanced dynamic lighting | CINEVEO's Stereo PFOV lighting™ | Multiplayer audience
CINEVEO’s 4D Movie Theater v4.0 is the most immersive and advanced VR Cinema simulation available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Feel total presence in your own personal movie theater and watch your videos on a huge customizable cinema screen. The 4D Movie Theater v4.0 features innovative dynamic lighting effects during movies, such as CINEVEO’s Stereo PFOV Lighting™, which generates visual effects for any video and creates an incredible atmosphere inside the movie theater using the cinema screen’s light, color, reflections, shapes and shadows. To immerse you even further into VR, CINEVEO comes with a multiplayer mode, which can populate your movie theater with an animated live audience made up of real CINEVEO users, who are watching a movie at the same time.
Ultra-detailed 1960s drive-in movie theater setting | Sit in a 1958 Buick convertible | Air traffic and animated birds | Vertigo effect
Inspired by the popular car drive-in movie theaters, that were all the rage throughout the United States in the 60s, CINEVEO’s 1960 Drive-in Theater v2.0 will let you watch your movies from the seat of an ultra-detailed 1958 Buick convertible car, with a fully modeled interior and exterior. Your car is parked in front of a gigantic cinema screen, located on a on a vast hill overseeing the Los Angeles city skyline by night. Look behind and you will spot a road-side diner with restroom building, projector tower and neon billboard. Search the sky long enough and you will spot classic Douglas DC airplanes flying over the city. The cinema screen casts dynamic lighting effects, creating an incredibly immersive atmosphere during movies.
Ultra-realistic ocean environment | Animated lighthouse, ships and birds | Cinema screen water reflection
CINEVEO’s Ocean Theater v2.0 is an ultra-realistic and incredibly immersive VR Cinema environment, teleporting you in front of a gigantic cinema screen, located in the middle of the ocean at dawn time. Watch your movies, sitting inside a little wooden rowboat, dancing gently with the waves. Your rowboat is anchored next to a photo-realistic lighthouse with animated lights. In the distance you will see ships and flocks of birds passing by once in a while. The cinema screen casts dynamic lighting effects and its reflection shimmers on the surface of the ocean, creating a powerful atmosphere during movies.
Eerie environment ideal for horror movies | The ghost of little Lucy roams through the haunted valley | Get scared during movies
The Haunted Valley theme features an eerie environment that will give you the shivers. It's great for watching horror movies. This cinema theme is haunted by little Lucy, the ghost of a 12 year old girl who disappeared in 1894. Lucy does not like it very much when strangers are around. Be prepared, as she will not hesitate to give you a scare once in a while. You can spot Lucy in four locations at random times if you keep your eyes peeled. Are you ready for little Lucy?
Integrated web browser and chat room | YouTube video support | Watch videos together | Play browser games | Multiplayer audience | CINEVEO's Stereo PFOV lighting™
The Internet Cinema is based on the 4D Movie Theater and features an integrated web browser, a multi-player audience and a chat room. You can watch YouTube videos, surf the web and play browser games in the Internet Cinema. You can do this alone or together with other CINEVEO users. You can meet other CINEVEO users in the integrated chat room to talk, share links to YouTube videos and watch them together.
Just the screen and you in empty space | CINEVEO's ULTRA - 3D™ Mode
The Void features a distraction free environment in pitch black darkness. The Void v3.0 is the only cinema theme that currently supports viewing 3D movies in CINEVEO's ULTRA - 3D™ Mode.
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